Robin (poeticdream) wrote in widget_p0rn,

Mmmm. Widgets.

Mmmmm. First post of my new community.

Welcome to widget_p0rn!!! A community dedicated to making/shareing/discussing tiger, widgets, and mac osx in general.

I came up with the idea, after obesessing with dashboard and widgets. I read this and learned that all they really are is html and java. Deffinatly exciting!

So here is the community. Thank you for joining.
And please, share them sexy widgets :-)

Ooo! Baby!

Your Mod:

By the way, basic community rules here. Pics behind cuts, mind LJ's Terms of Service, stay on topic (or atleast put some on topic stuff on an OT post so I don't hate you), don't spam, don't feed the trolls, etc.

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Ohh what a good idea.

Is there a typing/word-processing widget I can download instead of buying Mac office?
As a widget user, yourself, I'm hoping you know the answer to this. Is it possible to set up a widget to load on a livejournal blog page? (I know and several others have this capability.) Just curious, 'cause I've only recently discovered widgets, and find them fascinating!